MOONDOGG Records' First Release -

MOONDOGG Records is an Americana Soul/Blues label based in Los Angeles, California.and was founded by Charley Force and Johnny Ray Jones on January 7th, 2017, for the July 7th, 2017 release of "Johnny Ray Jones, Feet Back in the Door", working with Ultratone Studios in Studio City, California.

MOONDOGG Records is working on some new projects as well.  Three songs are finished for the next JOHNNY RAY JONES record, and the rest of the album will be recorded this year and early 2018.

MOONDOGG Records is also working with the Los Angeles, California-based blues band MOONDOGG with a live album featuring top LA blues players.

MOONDOGG Records is looking forward to sharing new Americana soul and blues music with the world!

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